Why matures have better sex than anyone else

Why matures have better sex than anyone else


Sex is life. Research shows women enjoy sex more than men. Some people have gone overboard to say they can survive without food but not sex. It is worth noting that sex preferences differ from one person to another. While others enjoy rough sex, others enjoy regular and slow sex. Age also matters when it comes to sex performance and enjoyment. 

While men can be sexually active up to their 70s or more, the chances of them enjoying it are lower compared to women between the ages of 50 and 66. This is because of the following reasons;



  1. Confidence and self-knowledge of your body


Mature women have developed a good knowledge of your body. You know, appreciate and are confident of body size. It is this time that you work out minimally. In this age bracket, you know how your body works, what turns you on and off.

Mature women have mastered how their bodies work. They are relaxed during sex, taking control of the situation and how to respond to sexual gestures. They know how to control their bodies and position themselves to have the best orgasm. The mature dating sites reported that the age at which women experienced the best sex in their lives was from 50 to 66.


With this in mind, you go for what will you need. You can openly communicate with your partner on what you need. Mature women know which part gives you more pleasure when touched than others.


  1. Awareness of Methods of libido-boosting


A certain lifestyle will boost ones sex drive. Being at 50 or more, women are aware of methods that boost libido for both you and your partner. Libido-boosting methods can be natural or artificial. 


Natural methods are:


  • Exercise reduces anxiety and stress. You cannot enjoy sex when your mind is thinking about the wrong things happening in your life. Exercising relaxes your mind killing anxiety in return boost your enjoyment in sex.


  • The type of food that you eat also plays a great part in your sex drive. Eating a lot of sugar, red meat and foods with high cholesterol will easily destroy your sex drive. Women at the ages of 50 and above have a clear understanding of this. You need a proper and strict diet habits to have good active sex libido. 


  • Activities that are not sexual intimate also boost a mature woman’s sex drive. This includes outdoor events like mountain climbing or just sitting at home watching TV or maybe cooking for your grandchildren. Therapy can also be a way to boost your sexual libido. You also try meditation for at least 10 minutes every day.


 There are artificial ways to boost libido. These include tablets and drinks. However, natural methods are advisable. 




  1. Sex in the 50s and 60s is about quality, not quantity 




  • Mature women need time for sex


Yes, you don't get satisfied by having so much sex in your 50s and 60s. You probably are working on many things, having enough time to have sex may be impossible. You also cannot have sex anywhere sometimes not even in your own house because you have children and grandchildren around you.


  • They need to plan for sex


Mature women have to plan for sex. You book a hotel or other gateway to have sex. Whether with your partner or someone you met on a dating site as long as you get satisfaction.


Also, mature women have probably had a lot of sex. You will only impress them with quality sex. If they ask for sex and you are not in a position to give them quality, kindly let them know. They do not crave sex so much like young women but when they need to have it, they will want quality.   


  • Satisfaction is key


Sexual satisfaction is very important not only to mature women but any woman. However mature women want quality in the act rather than quality. They focus on what gives them maximum pleasure. They will do what will get them to fulfil it.


Mature women may still be willing to explore new positions as long as they get a good orgasm. They will not try anything risky or uncomfortable if it is doable, they are ready.



Finally, sex libido in maturity is built. It doesn't just occur. The lifestyle you choose when you are still a young woman will matter to maturity. As a young woman, develop habits that will help you be well even in maturity. Not all women good sex drive in their age. Some have lost sex drive even below 40 years because of the inappropriate lifestyle you led. Foods that are full of fatty acids bring belly fat which is a killer to sexual mood. Sex enjoyment subject needs communication. Let your partner understand your sexual needs and how to fulfil them. 


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