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Escorts in Queenstown: Is New Zealand More Liberated than Australia?


Outsiders often find it difficult to draw any real distinction between Australia and New Zealand. Something that annoys the living hell out of residents of both countries, for whom it’s a clear ‘chalk and cheese’ comparison.

From the way the locals talk to the way indigenous culture is celebrated to the risk of getting murdered by a long list of dangerous and deadly animals, the two countries really are way more different than you might think.  

Some would also say there’s a major difference in the open-mindedness and adventurousness of these two peoples, including the folks at Naughty Ads.


Drawing Distinctions Between Australia and New Zealand


Taking a look at things from a neutral and logic-based perspective, there are some differences between Australia and New Zealand that are undeniable. Most of which might not be immediately obvious to outsiders, but are pretty evident for anyone who knows the two countries well.

Here are just a few of the things that distinguish Australia from New Zealand in a fairly big way:

1. They Have Totally Different Accents

Make the error of mistaking an Australian from a New Zealander (or the other way around) by way of their accent and they will probably give you a piece of their mind. It takes a while to get to know the differences between the two, but they really are very different and highly distinctive. The use of slang, abbreviations and vowel pronunciation differs hugely in Australia and New Zealand, even if it all sounds pretty similar to folks overseas. 

2. The Wildlife Isn’t Out To Get You In New Zealand

Taking a walk in the glorious countryside of New Zealand means not having to worry about something killing you in the most traumatic and painful way possible. New Zealand’s wildlife evolved in a completely different way to that of Australia, meaning there’s almost nothing hiding in the bushes and waiting for a victim. It’s over in Australia where you’ll find the world’s most terrifying spiders, snakes and crocodiles, just waiting to sink their teeth into you.

3. New Zealand Celebrates Its Indigenous Culture Properly

Aboriginal culture is not particularly prominent in Australia. Efforts have been made over recent years to pay respect to the country’s heritage, but to a token extent at best. In New Zealand, there are strong echoes of Maori in pretty much everything across the entire country. They respect and celebrate the country’s Maori heritage and people - even schoolkids are taught to do the Haka ceremonial war dance in some districts. 

Are New Zealanders More Open Minded and Liberal?

This is where things understandably get contentious, as Australians and New Zealanders, both consider themselves open minded. Though when it comes to the ‘adult entertainment’ industry of New Zealand, it’s hard to deny its appeal. 

There’s never been a real shortage of escorts in the country, especially escorts in Queenstown, but it’s the way their services are being used liberally and even proudly that suggests things are on the move. Though few would admit to doing so in a public capacity, more locals than ever before in towns and cities across New Zealand are spending time (and money) with escorts. In addition, there’s also a surprisingly well-developed sex tourism market in NZ, spurred by the quality and availability of high-end escort services.

Not that any of this is surprising, given how New Zealand became the first country to fully decriminalize sex work with the passage of the Prostitution Reform Act in 2003. 

Essential Support for Sex Workers

According to the government of New Zealand, the primary purpose of the bill was to ‘decriminalize such activities and make prostitution subject to special provisions in addition to the laws and controls that regulate other businesses. This is a real evidence that’s escorts in Queenstown and other cities around the country are booming. 

In addition, a series of objectives for the new initiative were outlined at the time of its introduction, including the following:

  • Safeguarding the human rights of sex workers.
  • Protecting sex workers from exploitation.
  • Promoting the welfare and occupational safety and health of sex workers.
  • Creating an environment conducive to public health.
  • Protecting children from exploitation in relation to prostitution. 


Rather than persecuting and prosecuting men and women looking to earn an honest buck, the NZ government set an example for the rest of the world by taking sensible control of the sex industry.

Since then, the country’s escort industry has thrived and become a hotspot for sophisticated sex tourism. 

Over in Australia, prostitution is legal, but it remains illegal for businesses like escort agencies and brothels to operate, under the terms of The Sex Industry Offences Act 2005.

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