Girls Best Friends 5 Sex Toys as a Gift

Girls' Best Friends: 5 Sex Toys as a Gift


                Using a sex toy to pleasure oneself proves to be a surefire way to hit orgasmic highs without the lows associated with mediocre sex. As holidays are upon us and the New Year approaches, gifting someone with a sex toy may be the New Year's resolution they need. To continue the glorious tradition of humanizing sex and physical pleasure, we show and tell you about sex toys you would like to get or give as gifts for the New Year's holidays. A survey on a famous dating site, confirmed that most women have vibrators, and they will be happy with such a creative gift. 

We want to warn you: in spite of the fact that now vibrators are more like works of art, you should make sure that your girlfriend will not unwrap the gift in front of other people.

Consider the following sex toys to gift your girlfriend, watch her excitement as she receives and use them.  

  • Waterproof Candy Cane Vibrator 



This vibrator is adequately sized, boasting six and a half inches in length. This size is more in tune with what she may be used to, or not, but in any case, it provides adequate stimulation. It has a smooth feel to it and can make for multiple orgasms with varying speeds to add to the enjoyment. 

The versatility of this toy is in its waterproof capabilities. Your girlfriend can enjoy sensual pleasure while taking a shower, perhaps even in a pool or bubble bath. It only requires two AA batteries for optimal stimulation and retails for approximately . 











  • omG G-Spot Stimulator 



A fantastically designed stimulator, this sex toy promises to keep your girlfriend quite busy. It is designed with options in mind, boasting up to TEN different vibration settings for optimum pleasure. She is bound to spend more time reaching orgasms and less time talking with a mind-blowing 8000 revolutions per minute.

Furthermore, greater interest is a flexible tip that caters for clitoral stimulation, helping her reach that sought-after orgasm. It has USB charging capabilities, all encased in a smooth body for less irritation, and ease of storage for even more convenience. Lest we forget, this sex has waterproof capabilities, so she can enjoy it while taking a bubble bath or swimming. 

  • Wake Up Vibe



The idea behind this sex toy is usability and versatility. The toy looks nothing like a vibrator and is an alarm clock, a far cry from any you've used before. It was created to help women wake up with an ooh- la- la vibe. The shape is ergonomic enough to fit into any lady's palm. Also, the shape fits snugly on any woman's hoo-hah.

Once the alarm goes off in the morning, the sex toy vibrates just enough to stimulate any lady into a happier morning, without being too loud or throbbing enough to cause frustration. There are six cool speeds to select from, and it retails for a cool . It has a PG-rated design, making it easier to 'hand-over' to your girlfriend, even when among friends. 



  • Njoy Pure Wand 



This sex toy is created in full stainless steel, with a sexy curved design that'll have your girlfriend salivating just looking at it. It helps cater to G and P spot stimulation. It is a sight for sore eyes, and again, your girlfriend will gaze quite seductively at the 8 inches it boasts in length. If these inches don't do the trick, try out the Eleven for size. 

True to its name, it's another stainless steel g-spot stimulating wand with an ample eleven inches to boot. If this doesn't get her singing in the shower for an hour or more, nothing will. Additionally, all Njoy products come in handy little boxes for purposes of concealment or carry bags that reveal nothing about what is inside. 

  • Venus Butterfly Vibrator



Clitoral stimulation would be amazing with less work, wouldn't it? Well, that's precisely what Venus butterfly vibrator offers its customers. This strap-on vibrator works with remote control, meaning the entire experience will be hands-free. Your girlfriend will have more time exploring other parts of her body as she uses the remote and adjusts the speed levels accordingly. 

Equally important is the size, making it convenient to be placed inside her panties without being noticed. You can both have fun with it by having her wear it and then using the remote to stimulate her randomly. It retails for an affordable , making it a must-have this Christmas, New Year, or any celebration in between. 

Bottom Line 

Even if your girlfriend has unexpectedly taken a vow of celibacy, these toys will bring her to her senses, quite literally. Explore these pleasurable gifts to stimulate her body, and hopefully her mind as well. Let her sit back, relax, and enjoy the roller coaster rides to orgasm, as you enjoy quality time with your PS5. 

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