Escort Girls in a Covid World

Escort Girls in a Covid World: How Technology Has Helped This Profession and the World Thrive


The world’s oldest profession may be able to teach us all how to get through this pandemic in one piece. 

When Mila* first got into the world of sex work, she was a bright eyed 19 year old girl, using the money from escorting to help fun her degree in sociology. “I’ve always loved people. I enjoy sex, but this business is about so much more.” After ten years in the business, it’s fair to say she’s seen some changes in the industry, no longer a girl, but a beautiful and exceptionally clever woman, Mila says that the true turning point in her career was embracing what the wide world of online escorting had to offer. 

Especially in times like these. Mila, who advertises her companion services through an escort directory called Secret Desire, says that each step she’s made in building her empire can be directly related to the use of technology. “Even before covid hit, using an escort directory that linked to my personal business page created something so much more safe and exclusive than what street-level work could ever offer.”

Erotic Body Rubs & Erotic Massage in a Changing Industry 

While the exceptional business woman offers many services, she says that one of the most beneficial branches of independent escort work is that of Chicago body rubs. “Erotic massage is something that is incredibly popular, not just purely for eroticism, but as common sociological structures and expectations begin to stretch everyone thin, we have to look for more enduring outlets for that stress.” Through her degree and her work as an escort, Mila has a unique understanding of the world’s oldest profession. 

“There is a reason that sex work continues to thrive and evolve throughout the ages. It’s a necessary and useful occupation in any burgeoning society, especially ones that priorities work and earning as a functional aspect of participation and value”. She says that these types of priorities create a high pressure environment for many of those that apply themselves. Add on a global pandemic and you have a recipe for a stress-laden catastrophe. “People felt overwhelmed before the pandemic, and now even more so. They have to find healthy outlets for that stress. Some people run, some people sleep with prostitutes. To each their own.”

Distant Intimacy

Mila says that since the pandemic hit, nearly toppling titans of industry like New York City, many have been on the edge. “Frankly, the social distancing and lockdown guidelines are absolutely necessary. They’re also isolating.” Mila says that perhaps now more than ever, she sees her clients seeking intimacy and companionship, often preferring long conversations over more sexually charged encounters. “The internet has been a saving grace during this time. Not just for [escorts] obviously, but for everyone. Expecting people to cut themselves off from their social tribes is damaging mentally. We all need to feel connected and valued by others.” 

Escorts directories are seeing huge upticks in adoption as more people turn towards professionals for intimate support. “Technology has created a space where there are strict rules regarding participation. Which I think people are looking for, they want structure. It keeps sex workers and clients safe. [Most] sex workers are getting tested for covid alongside regular STD/STI checks, making them a far safer choice than Tinder. Clients are doing the same. We all play by the rules and still find ways to connect and receive the care we’re looking for.”

Rise of the Escort Directory

There is much that can be learned from taking a closer look at the inner workings of escorts and erotic massage experts. Creating safe and well vetted online intimate encounters is something that these professionals have been doing for years. “It’s something that isn’t often considered when talking about sex work, but most higher class escorts have been using technology to provide safe and genuine intimate experiences for decades.”

Using forums for escort reviews, online vetting services that are provided by agencies, and allowing better access to confidential payment systems are just a few of the ways that the industry has been paving the way for safer practice and better quality services. Having a deep understanding of disease transmission and safety practices is just a part of the job. “Sex workers have had a keen sense of how to balance intimacy with personal safety since the advent of prostitution. That drive has only increased in recent years.” With prestigious institutions such as New York’s own health department now touting virtual romance and creative use of toys and positions as a way to stay safe during these times, Mila says this is basically escorting 101. “In this industry, if you choose to be a part of it for long, you learn how to keep yourself and your client safe at all times. You learn how to pivot with the world, matching your best practice with the needs of the masses.” Which may be one of the reasons why the profession has survived as well as it has, even in times of global hardships.

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