5 Unmissable Pornstar Icons Who Are Now Cam Models!

5 Unmissable Pornstar Icons Who Are Now Cam Models!

When it comes to live sex sites, there’s a common misunderstanding that all of them are populated by amateur cam girls from countries in places like Eastern Europe and Latin America. Still, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Don't get me wrong; there are many cam girls from those countries on these sites as they’re often blessed with natural beauty, an intense sex drive, and not so blessed with being born in countries stricken with poverty. 


By turning their stunning looks and sexual prowess to their advantage on cam sites, it provides a great source of income in many countries where decent employment opportunities are lacking. But we’re not talking about inequality today. Quite the opposite!


Alongside the thriving populations of horny amateur sluts from Romania to Colombia and everywhere in between is an increasingly growing population of professional pornstars many of you have no doubt jerked off too many times before!


That’s because cam sites are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to mainstream porn, not just for porn consumers, but for the pornstars themselves too! On a decent live XXX cams site, pornstars can make just as much, if not more, money than they would shooting scenes for major producers, and they also have more autonomy and control over their content. 


So, today, I plan to shed more light on this sticky subject and reveal five major pornstars who have seamlessly put their sex skills to work in the sex cams industry and built up an enormous following of fans, both old and new, who are keen to see these porn icons in action and not only have the unique chance of enjoying a private one-to-one show with them but also being given a chance to send sexual requests and have their favourite pornstars act out in their deepest kinks and fantasies.


Sounds like fun? Trust me; it is! Now, let’s get started as we kick off this list with the iconic Piper Perri!

Piper Perri

You know who Piper Perri is, right? If not, you’ve been living under a porn-free rock for the last few years, or you really don’t know your memes! 


Piper is the girl infamous for her pre-interracial gangbang shoot, with her sitting on a couch surrounded by a gang of black dudes about to push her shit in. It later became a meme called “Piper Perri surrounded”.


She’s tiny, blonde, with braces, and looks innocent as fuck. But this well-behaved-looking girl is anything but, and she can stuff more cock in her mouth than the biggest KFC enthusiast. Amazingly, you can get yourself in a private one-on-one with this porn icon and meme goddess because she’s now entered the adult cams industry!

Mia Malkova

When it comes to phicc, phatt, and busty PAWGs, few are in a tier as elite as Mia Malkova. She might sound like the daughter of a Russian oligarch, but this girl is an international pornstar with an ass that will keep you hypnotised for days.


After honing her cock-sucking skills at the peak of the mainstream porn industry, Mia has now successfully entered the sex cams industry. If you want to see her, you better move fast, as this porn icon has a lot of fans!

Veronica Rodriguez

Whilst watching a teen Latina whore squirt all over herself on PDCams recently, I was reminded of Veronica Rodriguez and thought how amazing it would be if she were live camming. I did some research (one-handed) and nearly spurted all over my laptop when I saw she fucking does!


Sorry Magdalena from Cartagena, but I’ll have to leave you in a puddle of your own sticky juices because I’m abandoning you for Veronica’s private cam room with no strings attached. Ah, I love the casual pump-and-dump vibe of cam sites!

Evelin Stone

A trashy, tattooed cocksucking pornstar can’t make that much of a debut into a cam site career, right? Well, Evelin Stone certainly fucking did! 


In a move that Marilyn Manson would no doubt be jealous of, one of her first webcam sex performances saw her bend her own legs behind her head and eat out her own soaking wet pussy.


Evelin really set the bar high for other pornstars entering the cam industry, and her initial self pussy eating performance was insanely hot. This notorious pornstar certainly has a sticky future ahead of her in the world of live cam sex, and it’s one I’ll be following very closely!

Gianna Michaels

Ah, Gianna Michaels. Otherwise known as Gianna fucking Michaels! An icon of the noughties porn industry, she quickly gained an infamous reputation for the two enormous puppies on her chest and her rather unorthodox performances on screen.


I’ve always said that you don’t fuck Gianna; she fucks you! I’m sure many of the male pornstars who lost their masculinity between the legs of this formidable woman will attest to that. The sad thing is that, after fucking her way around the entire porn industry and seemingly traumatising any man who tried to fuck her over or challenge her with an alpha male attitude, she retired. 


But don’t despair! The good news is that Gianna wasn’t a good fit for retirement and that infamously beautiful pussy and her giant tits were soon back in action. That’s right! Gianna is now performing live cam shows for her adoring fans, and they’re as filthy as you can imagine!

Who Else Will Be Next To Join The Adult Cam Scene?

These five porn icons are just the tip of the iceberg regarding notorious pornstars transitioning to a career in free adult webcams. The question is, who will be next?


Hell, in the time I’ve been writing this article, I’m sure the list of pornstars who perform live cam experiences has grown even bigger, and that’s not the only thing growing bigger around here. 


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a virtual date with Gianna Michaels coming up very soon. And, if you’ve seen Gianna when she’s angry, you’ll know that you really don’t want to keep her waiting. 


Until next time!

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