Who Initiates Sex More Often And Why?

Who Initiates Sex More Often And Why?

Sex is a very important part of the life of any couple. Therefore, if you are looking to have a great life with your partner, you have to make sure that you are enjoying a fantastic sex life with him or her. But, you know what, at times, who initiates sex becomes more important than any other thing. That is why you might wonder who initiates sex more often between men and women.

 Look, you cannot judge that by looking at the works of the porn industry and in most cases, sex videos are misleading about the real issues. The pornstars in the industry perform on the screen according to the direction of the directors. Therefore, it does not matter who initiates sex in porn videos. You will see both men and women initiating sex equally in porn movies.



Thus, most of the studies made on this topic avoid porn videos as a source of information.  HORNYBANK.COM is the horny porn archive and if you check it out, you will not get an idea about which gender prefers to initiate sex more than the other. Yes, it is fun to understand who initiates sex more often. But, that doesn’t determine the quality of the sex life for a couple. 

In many cases, you will notice that men are initiating sex more than women and in some cases, the exact opposite thing is happening. But, that has no direct impact on their sex life in general. But, some psychologists say that who initiates sex more often can determine how happy you are in your sex life. So, it is important to and in this article let’s reveal the truth finally. 

Men Initiating Sex More Often Than Women

Yes, you have the answer now. Men are initiating sex more often than women. In most studies that were done on this topic, they showed that men are into initiating sex 60% of the time and in 30% of the cases, the initiation was equally distributed, and in meagre 10% of the overall cases, women were more into initiating sex than men. 

Multiple studies were done on this and the results were more or less the same. So, you must be wondering why this is happening. Well, the truth is women are less into initiating sex than men simply because of various reasons. If you think deeply you won’t find this stat very surprising. 

Why Women Are Less into Initiating Sex?

Well, there are multiple reasons and now, let’s tell you some of the more obvious ones;

Social Norms

From childhood, a woman is prepared by her parents to follow the norm of society. Now, if we go deep into each society around the world, we may look modern, but our minds are still primitive. Therefore, we expect women to be shy and not think about sex and physical needs. Thus, we expect women to follow the norms of society and act shy by not initiating sex at all. 

Subtle Clues

Not initiating sex for women doesn’t mean that they are not interested in having sex with their partners. In some cases, women are more into having physical relations. But, unlike men, women use more subtle ways of communicating their needs that become harder for men to comprehend. That is why most men might think that women are not into sex. 

Lack of Interest

Now, there is no denying that there is a lack of interest among women when it comes to having sex. But, as men, you need to ask yourself why your partner is not showing interest in having sex with you. You will probably find that you have failed to make sex interesting for her for a longer period of time and now she is bored. So, the solution could be trying new ways to flirt and have sex with her.

The Bottom Line

Finally, there is no denying that men are more into initiating sex than women. But, you have to make sure that you are having quality sex irrespective of which partner is initiating it. You just have to be present at that moment and enjoy sex with your partner. That is the key to a happy relationship.

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