What Red Flags Point To A Risky Escort Service?

What Red Flags Point To A Risky Escort Service?

Have you encountered a decision that needs to be addressed immediately? Is this decision related to some type of get-together? If so, you are most likely trying to decide whether or not to attend. This is a more difficult decision for someone who is single. Even if you are in a predicament in which your partner cannot be available, making such decisions is difficult. This is where an escort agency comes into play. These services are designed to provide both men and women, with dates for all occasions. A list of red flags related to hiring an escort is listed in the content provided below.

Unlicensed Establishment

A major red flag that points to a risky escort service is no business license. Any escort agency operating in Australia is required to obtain a business license. The Australian Government Business website provides information about starting and operating an escort agency. 

Utilizing the Australian Securities & Investments Commission “ASIC” platform, you can validate any escort agency’s license. If the agency is registered, it will have an Australian business filing. 

Low Customer Rating

Australian consumers will oftentimes skip rating a business that provides them with excellent service. If it was the other way around, they would not hesitate to provide a rating. More consumers leave negative ratings as compared to positive ratings. If the escort agency has an overall low customer rating, you are guaranteed to find it online. 

Utilize only reputable review websites, not the ones that sell their services to businesses. 

Constant Adding/Removing Escorts

Website activity can provide information about how well an escort Sydney operates. You can utilize the same rules that apply to job-seeking for this purpose. When job seekers look for a new employer, they know exactly which ones to avoid. They refuse to apply for a job with a company that has a high turnover rate. This red flag shows job seekers that the company is not the best employer. At least, this is the case most of the time.

Applying this same theory to hiring an escort, an agency that continuously hires could be problematic. It is possible to monitor the agency’s activities through its official website. Consistently check the available escorts in your area. If you detect the company removing and adding escorts more than necessary to operate efficiently, it may be a red flag.

Frequent Price Increases

Melbourne escorts are in high demand at the moment. As inflation soars throughout the country, minimal price increases are expected. However, you should be on the lookout for significant price increases. An additional one or two dollars will not draw too much attention, but a quarter of an increase is a red flag.

When you pay a specific amount to hire an escort, you do not expect a major uptick the next go-round. Again, a minimal increase of 1 percent is to be expected as professional escorting continues to grow in popularity.

Shady Business Practices

When an escort business operates under a disguise it may go unnoticed. However, an observant consumer will notice right away. For example, the agency offers additional services for a significantly lower price. An unaware consumer may find the deal too good to refuse. You, on the other hand, will know immediately that something is just not right. 

Another shady business practice is taking on additional fees to the initial cost. It is crucial to scrutinize your tab carefully to ensure there are no hidden fees. If any are detected, you should address them immediately. Reach out to other consumers to make them aware of the agency’s shady business practices. 


Escort agencies are popping up all across the country. Each company brings more escorting opportunities for all genders and age groups.

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