Top Sexual Stamina Exercises For All Couples

Top Sexual Stamina Exercises For All Couples

There is nothing for embarrassing for someone than needing to take a break while having sex. Imagine what your partner is thinking? Poor sexual stamina can lead to broken relationships and marriages. While some people may overlook it, others are put off by it. You also have those who may connect it to infidelity, which is probably not the case. When stamina, the need for a break is inevitable. If you ever have this happen to you, the thought of it occurring again will bear on your mind heavily. For some victims of poor sexual stamina, the fear of a repeat leads to stress, anxiety, and even depression in some cases. 

Fortunately, there are exercises that can build sexual stamina. If you perform them routinely, you will notice a major improvement in your sexual stamina and mentality over time. Learn more by reading the information provided in the article below.

What Is The Average Time Couples Engage In Sex?

According to statistics, the average time it takes for a male to reach an orgasm is five minutes. The female, on the other hand, is approximately 20 minutes. The obvious variance between a male and a female reaching an orgasm is huge. This can create a major issue for some couples. When a man’s stamina cannot last long enough to please his partner, it can become problematic. Unlike females, post-orgasm for a male is blah. A woman can continue to have sex for longer, but this is not the case for a male, which is why sexual stamina is vital.


While it may be surprising that masturbation can help men increase their sexual stamina, the medical community believes it can. How does this actually work? First, and foremost, it is not unusual for men to build up sexual tension between each round of sex. So, when the male finally gets the opportunity, it is over nearly as soon as it began. You can also watch SQXXX real celebrity porn vids while masturbating.

If you are not a fan of masturbation, you could make it exciting by altering your strategy. Which hand do you utilize to masturbate? If you are like most men, you masturbate with your dominant hand because it offers more control. Did you know switching to your non-dominant hand can help spice up masturbation a bit?

Contrary to belief, females sometimes find themselves dealing with low sexual stamina. Like males, females can benefit from masturbation. Not every female is a fan of masturbation. In fact, some females believe it is a waste of time because it leaves so much to be desired. Whatever the case may be, your relationship may depend on you increasing your stamina. Incorporating a mixture of vaginal and clitoral play is a great way to spice up a woman’s masturbation.

Dumbbell Curl

Low sexual stamina can sometimes be contributed to a lack of strength or weak physicality. It takes a lot of strength to perform in bed. In this case, it would be best to start working on your biceps. The medical community believes stronger biceps can improve the way someone handles their body weight during sexual relations. 

The dumbbell curl is a simple exercise that builds stronger biceps. The bent-over row and bicep curl are also beneficial for building strong biceps. It is recommended to start out with 5-minute intervals, building up when possible.

Triceps Extension

What most people do not realize is nearly every muscle in the human body is put to the test during sex. Building stronger triceps can in turn increase stamina. It is important to note, that none of these exercises are going to make an immediate major difference. However, if you stick with it, you will begin to see improvement. 

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