How to Incorporate Toys and Lube Into Your Sex Life

How to Incorporate Toys and Lube Into Your Sex Life


When it comes to sex toys, some people are excited about the thought of using them whereas others are not interested to use them. The reason for that is they have no idea what their sex life is missing. They are the ones who are happy with unsatisfied sex life. 

But, if you are the one who wants to make his or her sex life better, then here is your chance. Grab a sex toy and enhance not only your self-pleasure but also the playtime with your partner. Now, if you are excited about using sex toys, then you should know how to use them.


Many times, people get over excited and buy a sex toy. After that, they fail to use it properly and end up feeling unhappy about the toy. You can do so much with sex toys. That is why before you get excited and buy a sex toy; here is how you can incorporate it into your sex life. 

What is the Importance of Lube?

Look, the free porno movies that you watch will not tell you that during anal sex, they use lube to make sure everything goes in smoothly. Yes, the importance of lube is immense when it comes to making your sex life more pleasurable than ever. 

When you are using sex toys as well, you should not forget about using lube. You may not know but even in porn toys scenes, the pornstars in the industry will use to make sure they can work with the toy smoothly. So, when you buy a sex toy, don’t forget to get a lube as well. 

Why Buying Sex Toys Together is Important?

Yes, you may not think it that way but buying sex toys together along with your partner is very important. It will ensure that your partner is happy with the idea of using sex toys during sex and does not feel bad about it. You should know that many couples face problems because of it.

So, as your partner is on-board with using sex toys, it is time for you and your partner to buy a sex toy together. Give preference to your partner’s choice as it will ensure that your partner is using the toy in a more welcoming way. It will surely take the pleasure to a whole new level.

Apart from that, you can also buy a sex toy of your choice. But, you should do that only after your partner has chosen his or her sex toy. This will make sure that you and your partner are both interested in using the sex toy together and that should increase the fun inside your bedroom. 

How to Use Sex Toys during Penetration

If you want to use sex toys and attain as much pleasure as possible from them, then you have to understand how you can make the most out of them. Most people don’t know this. So, here is how you can use the sex toys to have more pleasure;

Apply Lube before Using

Yes, if you are having vaginal sex, you will have natural lubricants on your genitals. When you watch even the best porn sex 18+, you don’t see the use of lube that much, It might make you wonder whether there is a need to use lube or not. This is a huge problem in the porn industry.

However, you should also use lube during vaginal penetration. It will make the area smoother for penetration and enhance your sexual pleasure. The same thing you should do when you are using sex toys for self-pleasure. You may not enjoy it if you don’t apply lube before using the toy.

Use the Toy on the Sensitive Spots: Practice Edging

Most people think that sex toys are all about using on the genitals. But, that is a wrong concept. You need to use sex toys on the sensitive spots of your body. If you don’t do that, then you are not getting the best out of the toy. 

So, find the most sensitive spots in your body and use the sex toy there to get the most of our of the toy. Also, in this way, you can use the toy to practice edging and increase your sexual stamina. This will be better for your overall sex life.

The Bottom Line

Finally, men and women watching various porn sites to understand sex will not be able to comprehend how pleasurable it can be to use sex toys with a partner while having sex. So, you should choose the ideal sex toys and skin-friendly lube and delve into the ocean of erotic pleasure.

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