How to masturbate a girl correctly?

How to masturbate a girl correctly?


Previously, masturbation was considered something forbidden and secret. This topic was unacceptable in almost all social strata, while the attitude was negative. Now everything has changed a little. We live in a period of open topics and emancipation. Many sexologists consider this process even useful, as it helps both partners to reveal their sexual side and to know the body. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to know how to masturbate properly.




We will talk about how you need to satisfy yourself specifically with the female sex, since it is with women that such actions are under the strictest taboo. But very much in vain, so girls should relax and in no case feel a sense of remorse. Learn the technique of masturbation and put all silly thoughts aside. Self-satisfaction will increase your libido and will not harm your relationship with your sexual partner in any way. Only after you study your body and know about all your sensitive zones, will you be able to fully open up in front of your man.


There are many ways to masturbate: 

  • With hands; 
  • Assistive products; 
  • A shower head, and more. 


However, if you are just a beginner and absolutely do not know where to start, then the first thing you need to do is study your body. If you want to know how to learn how to masturbate a girl, then first you must know all the wishes and "whims" of your sexuality.



To begin with, lock yourself in your room and remove everything that can fit you: 

  • Your phone; 
  • Your computer; 
  • Blinds the windows, and so on. 


Set aside only thirty minutes for yourself, which will soon help you experience a very pleasant sensation. 


You can start only when the surrounding atmosphere is conducive to it, it will be at the same time safe and relaxing.


Get into a comfortable position on your bed or sofa, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. In your thoughts, you represent everything that you want. He may be a handsome man who grabs your waist with strong hands and takes possession of you. You can also find how many male representatives give you their desire at once. Thus, fantasy can be absolutely anyone, the main thing is that it be erotic and bring you to the desired condition. 


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As soon as the fantasy has arisen in the head, continue it, at the same time starting to caress your sensitive places. Imagine how the hero of your imagination carefully runs his hand first along the neck, then along the chest and descends lower and lower. Repeat his actions in reality, touch yourself and do not hesitate, because there is no one nearby.


When you reach the vagina, linger slightly near it. If you feel hot and humid, then you are doing everything right.


If there is no natural lubrication on the labia, use a special product or saliva.



In order for the girl's fantasy to be filled with colors and in practice you know how to act, we will describe possible methods of female self-satisfaction.


By hands

This can be called a real classic in this business. Masturbation with only hands is the most popular, because you always have the right "tool" with you, and your own fingers are highly sensitive. Of course, fingers play the main role in this matter. They can stimulate several areas of the lower body at once: the clitoris, labia and anus. The girl herself chooses the angle of inclination and the degree of pressing on sensitive places. It's all about "preliminary" caresses, then there is penetration inside.


Water masturbation

Warm streams of water - just imagining this picture, you begin to fleetingly experience the heat between your legs. And it's not in vain, it is considered the second most popular way of self-satisfaction.


You will see many articles on the Internet on how to properly masturbate with a shower, however, we do not see the point of writing a long instruction. There are no tricks or secrets here. Orgasm requires a shower head and a few minutes of free time.


It is only necessary to adjust the water temperature and flow rate, so as not to get unexpected injuries. If you masturbate when someone is in the apartment, try to control your voice.


Intimate toys

The sex industry is growing, and with it the selection of intimate toys. Now in every city there are sex shops, where various types of vibrators, balls, stimulants and the like are presented. The girl herself chooses the size and shape of her "toy", and alone is determined with the speed and depth of penetration, so this method of masturbation for women is the most preferable.




In this article, we talked about how girls can masturbate and gave various ways of self-satisfaction. However, the main thing in this business is complete relaxation and fantasy. Such a process is quite natural and not shameful, such stimulation allows you to feel everything that is going on with you.


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